‘Gentlemen’s Racing’

Racing PEAK, with the appropriate sails and crew, is more than exiting. It is true sailing. On PEAK one does not sail on a 'pimped' swan 65, with a fine-tuned handicap. No nothing of that. Who has a spinnaker boom weighing so much one has to lift it with three men? A jockey pole, the sheer pressures only add to the feeling of respect she demands from all of those lucky enough to have sailed on her. Testimonials are widely available.... But racing also serves a purpose; It is also a good means of testing the boat. PEAK has been raced hard, but always with respect, both for its crew as for herself. We call it “Gentlemen’s Racing”, with the exception that women are equally welcome (..)
The only thing we have to do is find the right racing environment. So please Ladies and Gentlemen let me know where to race..


30 May till Sunday 2 nd June. 

This year we will participate in the 151Miglia
We have already participated twice in the 151 Miglia. The relaxed italian atmosphere is unrivaled, yet the race is challenging. Leaving from Livorno the race course goes north to Pisa and rounding the mark one has to set sail for the Giraglia Rock north of Corsica. Keeping the lightouse to port it is then straigt for the rocks in front of Grosseto, keeping the island of Elba to port. From Grosseto we head up north to Punta Ala to finish 151 miles later. 
More than 200 boats are expected.
By registering we have already secured a berth in Livorno, a short taxi ride from Pisa airport.
The start is on Thursday 30 May early afternoon. 
PEAK will arrive in Livorno on wednesday morning. We depart from Scarlino on the Tuesday. On Wednesday evening there is a walking dinner at the Yacht Club in Livorno.
The race ends in Friday evening / night (for PEAK :-) at Punta Ala.
We will not go in there because there is no room for PEAK. My homeport Scarlino is nearby and depending on weather conditions and how we feel we are going to anchor or to my berth in the marina.
The next day we relax and in the evening of Saturday 1 June we will transport you in 20 min to Punta Ala where there will be a super nice dinner & party at the Yacht Club.
We are sleeping on PEAK again and Sunday, June 2 is departure day.

Bookings mail to:

• PEAK plus myself as skipper
• Race subscription
• Up to eight (8) sailor guests.
• on-board sleeping, with own bunk, sheets and duvet cover & towels.
• Walking Italian dinner on Wednesday evening at Yacht Club Livorno
• Party / Dinner on Saturday night in Punta Ala
• Transport Scarlino-Punta Ala with car on Saturday party evening
• Transport to Follonica train station for return train journey to Pisa Airport.
• Sailors can arrive in Livorno harbor as of Monday afternoon.
• If the weather permits we will do trial sailing on Tuesday (28th) and Wednesday (29th) morning.
• Start of race on Thursday 30th around noon
• Stay at La Marina di Scarlino on Saturday
• plus possibly 1 experienced crew for me as help
• NB. we will share costs for food and drink on board.


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